Train Everything

Because nothing happens overnight. It takes a while to improve, to adapt.

Focus on your specific goals, because they are your inspiration and motivation. But that does not mean you should exclude everything else.

Include the practices that maintain and improve your body. Your goals will change as you change; and if you have been working a little bit on everything, then you will be that much farther ahead when you take on the next challenge.

Embracing The Process

There are as many different ways to train the body as there are goals that people want to achieve. What is consistent throughout is that dedicated practice is the means by which train methods yield success. What that means to us is that we have to embrace the changes to our mindset and lifestyle.

I bring it up because this time of year usually has a bunch of people jump on the bandwagon to get in shape for weddings, summer races, beach vacations, etc. Where many of these people fail is not in their timing or motivation, but instead is in their short-term commitment to a long-term process. Change does not happen overnight. Issues of which you are now aware have crept up over months or years.

The solution is to look at your training as something that will be around for as many years as you want to move well, for as many years as you want to look good and feel healthy; in short, for your lifetime. Instead of looking for a quick fix, try looking for a practice that you can keep up. Find that base routine that maintains you, and from there you can add or take away practices that help you achieve specific short-term goals as the need arises.

Put It To The Test

Happy June everyone! It’s the first day of the month, and it is time to measure your progress through testing. And while this does not work for lofty and abstract goals, it does work for almost all of the others.

Some of us get nervous about tests, but they really just give you data on something that you have already decided to work on. They also validate the method that you have chosen for improvement. If your goal is to become better, and you have not; then there may be something in how you have chosen to practice. Just look for a trend that is in the direction you want to head. You do not have to hit your goal, but the measurement will tell you if you have taken a step forward.

Remember that they are just numbers; your practice can give you a host of intangible benefits before you see a single quantitative improvement. If you like what you are doing, stick with it. There are always outliers. Months when life gets in the way with stress, sickness, or just too much to do. Test yourself anyways; if nothing else, just to get in the habit of it.

Make The Most Of It

There are a number of day-to-day tasks that many of us have to do.

It does not matter if it is cleaning around the house, laundry, weeding/gardening, or mowing the lawn. When it comes down to it, you are moving.

Remember what you have to work on in the movement patterns that apply, and practice while you are working on those mundane tasks. The more you reinforce the proper pattern, the easier it is to keep good form.