The Danger of Overspecialization

Every one of us has our reasons for the things we do, and how we train is no different. For every person that wants to live a healthier and longer life, there is at least one who just wants to look better, and another who wants to be better at their sport.

Regardless of your why, remember that your body functions so well because it is set up to be balanced and capable of all movement. The more you focus on a single aspect of training, the greater the risk of disrupting that balance.

It is easiest to maintain a body that is already moving correctly, and much harder to break out of bad habits. Address the issues that your training decisions may cause as soon as you are made aware of them. Not only will you keep moving the way you want to move, but you will also increase the progress that is being made toward your goals.

Author: Chicago Fitness Training

Personal Trainer NASM-PT, CES Warrior Diet/Controlled Fatigue Training Level I BA, University of Illinois at Chicago - History

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