The Next Step

Many of us have big dreams about what we would like to do or what we would like to be.

Yet many of us do not take action. We get caught up entertaining ourselves, spending time instead of investing it. We frame our dreams in the distant future; some day often becomes never. Do not let that happen!

Whatever your dream, take the next step. Take it today. And then take another tomorrow, or next week. Find an hour here or there; you do not have to make a huge leap to go forward. Even the smallest of steps will build momentum.

Keep An Open Mind

We have opinions on everything. These quick judgments help us deal with the sheer volume of information that is constantly streaming. While our opinions are necessary, they are not always correct. And just because we have an opinion does not mean that we are informed on a topic.

In fact, our opinions should change as more information presents itself. This holds true for diet and exercise, and every other field that has ongoing research. Even without new studies and innovations, our bodies give us both short and long-term feedback that will gradually inform our opinions, if we let them.

Yet for many of us, once we have declared an opinion (or even worse, assumed someone else’s as our own), we stick with it. We resist changing our opinion, disregarding evidence that may contradict a belief. We need to be aware of this instinctual tendency if we are to keep our minds open.

It’s Just Business

We are always being sold to. It is simply a fact of modern life.

In an effort to drive sales, companies make big claims about the impact that their products will have on our lives. They hope to convince us that their products will fulfill a need in some aspect of our lives. When there is no need that their product fulfills, they strive to create a need within our minds.

Do not get discouraged with yourself when a product fails to deliver on a company’s promises. The product was never the answer. Your dedication and your effort will allow you to your achieve your goals. Keep working.

The Inner Child

We all have an inner child.

It is a part of ourselves that wants to have its way, immediately and regardless of consequence. Just like a little kid that wants candy instead of dinner, you have to be able to say no to that part of yourself.

Temper tantrum or not, your inner child is not in control. You know better. You know there are consequences for actions; that instant gratification is not the only thing that matters.

Mixed Signals

Many of us no longer know when we are hungry, and when we are thirsty; we simply have cravings. We have trained our bodies to send us mixed signals. What should be straight-forward is not the case.

We have a lot of options when it comes to food and drinks, more so than at any point in the past. While variety is the spice of life, it comes with a problem that most of us do not realize that we have. We have confused our body by consuming beverages that contain macro- and micro-nutrients (carbs, minerals, vitamins), and foods that have high water content (soups, stews, and sauces).

This can be combated against by adhering to a few simple guidelines. First, drink water more often than any other beverage. Ideally, have two or three glasses of water between any other beverages. Second, during meals try to drink sparingly. When you get more thirsty than hungry, that is a signal to stop eating. Drink a glass of water and then wait fifteen minutes before eating more food. Finally, do not eat when you are not hungry. There is a difference between having a taste for something and being hungry.

A Comforting Thought

For the first time in history, many of us live in a state of constant comfort. We address our needs and desires almost immediately. Convenience is king. This is not entirely good.

I want to let you in on a secret to training (and to improving yourself): It is okay to be uncomfortable! It is okay to feel fatigued. It is okay to be hungry for a few hours. It is okay to feel hot, and to sweat. It is okay to feel the burn during a workout, and it is normal to feel sore afterwards.

It is okay to be uncomfortable for a time. While it is very important and highly desirable to be aware of what is going on, you do not necessarily have to take immediate action to alleviate the discomfort. Your discomfort is your nervous system registering changes within itself. Those changes are the stimulus that forces your body to react and improve.